5 New Google My Business Features For Better Exposure

Google My Business (GMB) is the BEST local optimization resource on the internet. Google has invested a lot of time and effort to build this tool with love and care.

Are you a local business that wants more sales and leads? Forget other things and work on creating, optimizing, and promoting your GMB profile.

How important is GMB compared to Facebook Local?

Some people call Facebook Local a Yelp and Foursquare killer. While there is nothing wrong with the tool itself, Facebook Local is no match for Google’s My Business. The Facebook Local app is divided into three sections. The home offers quick searches for restaurants or bars, plus a list of events happening nearby that may interest you. You can also see the events that interest your friends. This is important for you to tag yourself in.

The second section is a map and a search engine. You can search for “Starbucks” or “Greek food,” sort by “open now,” a lot like Yelp. It is much weaker compared to Yelp. To Facebook’s credit, it lets you differentiate by letting you search “standup comedy” and “literature,” and sort by “late night,” to find something to do after dinner.


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